Over the years, I have taken several instructor-led and non-instructor-led CIMCE courses with Daniela Schmidt. I have found Daniela's courses comprehensive both in terms of theory and practice. Daniela not only provides the practical tools the interpreter can utilize to improve his or her interpreting skills, she also dives into the theoretical aspects of the topic in question. By combining the two, she makes her courses very interesting and educational. As a scholar, I find this intriguing. I enjoy Daniela's friendly personality, her professionalism and the courtesy she extends to her colleagues in the field. Above all, I appreciate her flexibility and how she strives to work with the busy schedules of interpreters, especially the globetrotting interpreters. Thank you Daniela for your immense contributions to the field.  Yvette Hovsepian Bearce, Ph.D

Every class brings something new.  I was very happy to do the Idioms class... something we learned in school and over the years faded. Your classes are different than others on the market.  You are keeping up with the industry and always ready to help with our questions.  
Svetlana Krhin - Court Interpreter 

I always liked the format and general delivery of your classes: interactive, full of practical helpful tips and examples. The Comparative Criminal Procedure class was particularly well presented with excellent exercises. 
Laura Mirzoyan, Certified Russian Court Interpreter

These classes are very informative and helpful. Daniela has a broad knowledge of interpreting both in the sense of ethics and also terminology, which gives a sense of trust in what she is teaching.  One of the things making Daniela's classes interesting is a certain amount of flexibility.  There is a class structure we follow but we often end up branching out into other toopic that are very useful.  I believe we learn more by having this flexibility.  Everyone has a chance to to say something and ask questions, and she encourages us to come up with good interpretations in our target language.  Spanish & Japanese Certified Interpreter

A terrific class by Daniela Schmidt: a clear-eyed view on INTERPRETING HUMOR (or not) with lots of fun and valuable information on Jokes, Puns, Irony - including the pitfalls and challenges of cultural differences. 
Highly recommended. Martitia Palmer - French & Italian Court & Conference Interpreter - Registered with the Judicial Council of CA

Thank you for such an interesting webinar. Loved the format. It gives quite a comprehensive history of the theory of translation. Very insightful and current! You’ve done excellent research! Thank you again! 
Sonia Valovis-Franklin - California Spanish Certified Interpreter 

Thank you for the wonderful Translation Theory webinar! You are a very good teacher and very knowledgeable. 
Erica Bauman J - DSHS Washington Spanish Medical Interpreter

Thank you very much! The Interpreting Humor class was very interesting - I enjoyed listening to the Chinese interpreter and learning about his perspective! I would not change anything to the class :)  
Ethèle Sperling - California Registered French Interpreter

The Paremiology course has prompted me to do more study of proverbs and their usage. Besides the learning of the word Paremiology, I enjoyed much the exchange about equivalents in other cultures and languages, and also the different interpretations of them. Thank you again. I also found the historical background on the proverbs quite enlightening. John Johnston - Thai and Lao Interpreter

Very informational and useful information. Thanks Daniela!
Shanti Pangestu - Indonesian Interpreter

Great, helpful and professional courses offered by Daniela Schmidt.
Lili Matta - French Interpreter.  

Not only the course is very useful. The instructor makes it very interesting! Thanks.  Rudy Rudianto - Indonesian Interpreter.

Great way to earn live credits from the comfort of one’s home! Thanks! 
Hortensia M.Torres-Comas, Certified Spanish Interpreter

As a returning participant I must say I was extremely satisfied with the class. I think you struck a good balance between lecture and participation. The lessons weren't heavy handed, they were straight forward and simple to follow. I will certainly take the webinars again in two years as part of my continuing education. Thank you for having me in your webinar and I look forward to my next two classes with you. Amir Faress, Farsi&Dari Interpreter 

I found the topics, course material and examples you used very interesting and pertinent to the interpreting profession. 
Hennie Woods - Dutch Interpreter 

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